The Original Moulded Vermiculite Panels.


Skamolex is a brilliant concept for lining gasfires, fireplaces and stoves, as well as a myriad of other uses, e.g. register plates, heat shields, replacement firebricks.


Their superior insulating capacity means better combustion and cleaner waste gas.

Skamolex vermiculite boards  are highly insulating refractory panels made from vermiculite. They do not contain any ceramic fibres and are therefore non-dusting, non-irritant and odourless. They have a high mechanical strength, yet are easy to cut and shape.


Skamolex vermiculite boards.

New high density VIP 900,  now available for replacement firebricks.

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Larger Plain Boards
Reeded 20mm
Brickwall (997mm x 610mm)
rib (997mm x 610mm)
Antique Brick (997mm x 610mm)
Plain Boards