Skamolex Gold Vermiculite Board

SKAMOLEXTM GOLD is a 1st Class lining solution for stoves and 
fireplaces. It has been developed for anyone who refuses to 
compromise on quality and who demands nothing less than a 
perfect finish.


Its unique, high strength makes it the ideal lining panel, as it is 
very easy to work with. At the same time, it provides a unique 
and durable solution that maintains its high strength through 
countless firings.

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SKAMOLEXTM GOLD not only offers great flexibility within the 
product itself, the high degree of flexibility is also evident in 
the delivery phase. SKAMOLEXTM GOLD can be ordered as both 
standard boards, as boards in customer specific measurements or 
as processed boards with customer specific designs - processed 
in our production and ready for use!


We also offer to help optimize our customers’ production by 
palletizing the boards according to specific requirements.