SKAMOTEC 225 Building board 
for fireplace enclosures / surrounds
- The One Product Solution

Skamol has introduced an innovative new way of building fireplace enclosures / surrounds. SKAMOTEC 225 is a light-weight, non-combustible building board that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for steel or wood frame constructions. 


The result is a complete one product solution for your fireplace enclosure /surround that solves a significant challenge facing dealers and installers today – recurring cracks and costly callbacks.


  • Total fire-protection as the boards are non-combustible.

  • The boards can resist temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).

  • Keeps the surface of the fireplace cool due to an excellent insulating value.

  • Eliminates cracks in the construction when installed correctly.

  • Shortens the construction process by eliminating the need for steel and wood frame construction.

  • Easily installed using common wood working tools.

  • Provides a world of design possibilities.

                      Skamotec 225....

Skamotec 225 is a calcium silcate board. Highly insulating panels in larger sizes than Skamolex used for construction of fire chambers, fire protection and back up insulation. 


The perfect solution for a lightweight fireplace chamber especially when used in conjuction with SKAMOLEX 


Stock sizes: 25mm x 610 x 1000       30mm x 1200 x 1000       50mmx 1200 x 1000 - 50mm x 1200 x 2400



Ease of installment

The light-weight nature of the SKAMOTEC 225 boards makes the product easy to handle and install. SKAMOTEC 225 is around 50% lighter than other non-combustible boards on the market today. Building fireplace enclosures / surrounds with SKAMOTEC 225 is equally easy for you as an installer, using common wood working tools and fasteners to cut, shape and combine the material as you desire, while leaving very little excess material. SKAMOTEC 225 allows you to greatly reduce your construction time for the individual fireplace enclosure and maximize your business.